Therapeutic Placement

When psychological or behavioral difficulties interfere with a child’s development and safety, it may be appropriate to consider a residential therapeutic placement.

Some children and adolescents do not thrive in school or disrupt life at home, while others might shut down and not reach the same milestones as their peers. Many young adults attempt college only to have to return to a life of dependence and lack of productivity. Regardless of the issues at hand, a child, adolescent, or young adult who is stuck in an unproductive or dangerous cycle may need the help and respite of a therapeutic school or program.

The AO team guides families by identifying the necessary level of treatment and the most appropriate schools and programs for each child. Our process involves a thorough assessment of the client’s situation through an in-depth consultation with parents, a child interview, and consultation with current/past professionals and schools, in order to make the most appropriate recommendations. AO assists families in deciding upon the right school/program and monitors that placement for the duration of a child’s treatment.

Therapeutic placement can be in the form of a:

  • Medical Model Assessment and Treatment Program
  • Outdoor Behavioral Health Program (Wilderness Therapy Program)
  • Therapeutic Boarding School
  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Young Adult Therapeutic Program
  • Psychiatric Treatment Program
  • Long-term Psychiatric Living Environment

In some cases, parents find themselves in a crisis situation that requires immediate action. AO can provide guidance through these difficult times to get your child to safety within 24-48 hours and begin the healing process.